Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I welcome you into my world. I welcome you into my thoughts. Sporadic and consistent all in the same...welcome to my piece of the puzzle, alonys is my name. Journey with me within a moment and visit ones in the past....enter the artist at last.

This space, ALONYS.ART LAB77 will consist of pictures, videos, and each moment will always highlight and include a list of the music that is apart of my vibe in Lab77.

(this first entry i started early this morning....
it is 110am....510pm 080302 in Japan.)

Bye Bye April fools...hello new day....

I have been trying to figure out how to start this blog for days. What should I write? What should I say? How much vs. how little....the list goes on. Then I decided to STOP and START again minus all misconceived ideas of what I wanted to say or to whom I wanted to say it to....and now I am finding this to be easy....breathe.

One of my most recent iTUNES purchases sets the mood for this moment in Lab77 with Fleur blanche by Ortsten off the Hotel Costes X album. I stumbled upon it as I do most good music. Life is nothing without music. I know of few things that possess such power....

Japan was amazing. Japan is even more amazing in my heart and mind than before. I know She this moment that there is nothing like her and never will be. I am in love with an idea. A feeling that is combined with priceless moments and memories rolled into the sweetest taste there can be. Sail across time this Paper Aeroplane of mine. Another stop at Hotel Costes X.

Let's Go forward. But don't be Surprised if I rewind the clock for one last moment in time.

Until another moment in time....many alonys kisses.

get in the mix....

fleur blanche
by Orsten on Hotel Costes X album

she knows and surprised by Gnarles Barkley on The Odd Couple album

go by Moby on I Like to Score album

paper aeroplane by Agnus and Julia Stone on Hotel Costes X


Monday, March 31, 2008


I love music. I do art. Its a match made in heaven. These are videos comprised of my art mixed with my favorite music that I love and play in Lab77 while I do my work.
This featured video is "ARE YOU READY" with NEW music by Diamonique.

The talented recording artist Diamonique blessed lab77 with this hot beat for this visual montage. Thank you are the best!

Diamonique is currently in the studio working on her new album and making beats.
For more Diamonique visit....