Tuesday, August 11, 2009

random things

Streetlight Music baby! FFFFFFiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggaaaaazzzzzzz on the Track!!!!

Sending Postcard Love ( I love this App)...a glimpse into @artgrl77 / ALONYS.ART

I doodle on everything....the lucky canvas this time is my script. "INTRODUCING "THE ACTOR" ...nothing is safe from pen or paint when I'm around!!!!


Monday, August 10, 2009


I am going through blogging withdrawals I think....No I don't think...I KNOW!

With so much going on and time moving faster than before, my mind is a whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, and emotions trapped in an over active brain.

Too many moments passing by. The wind can barely catch them.

I am in love.

In love with love itself.

I am in love with music fashion art and acting

I am in love with the beat of a drum and the beautiful sound made upon attack

I am lost. I am found. I am everything in between. I am everything and nothing at all.

I am.

I am a tear.

I am a laugh...an outburst of obnoxious energy.

I am me, myself, and I.

I am the longing to be constant poetry upon the lips sweet and the ears a whisper.

I am smoke in lungs

toxic bitter sweet

I am intoxicating liquid attaching to the walls of identity.

These thoughts sporadic and unknown

real time paints a picture and distinguishes a blank canvas with a splash of colour

I am the sea wide empty and deep of treasures to possibly be lost forever.

I am happy. I am sad....glad and completely mad.

Love, fill my cup please.