Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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alonys kisses.

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My first blog after my birthday, which was AMAZING and hella fun!!!! One of the best birthdays EVER!!! I will post pics as I get them. How did I forget my camera lame!!!
All that needs to be known is that Vegas was amazing. Body English, Voodoo, and Moon were a blast!!!! My husband and friends are amazing!!!!! Lots of AK77'S TO YOU ALL....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE MUAH!!!! BESOS!!!! ALL THAT!!!!!

Now that I am back to reality, I have been going hard on Femme-bot Music. Fingazz and I have been in the studio at every possible squeezable moment! Let me just say this 6 year dream is coming true and it sounds soooo good. But you can't expect anything but that from the genius Fingazz, who is now taking his music into other galaxies and dimensions.

Please subscribe to Femme-bot Music here and never miss anything. You don't want the future passing you by : This project is so important to me not just as an artist but as an overall lover of music. The world is shifting around us rapidly, and Femme-bot is here to capture that and give back to today's generation and hopefully beyond.

Today we were hit up to be apart of one of my favorite exhibitions : "Top of the Dome" @ Crewest Gallery. I love this show. It's so original and really challenges me as an artist to step up my creativity on an unconventional canvas. Thank you Crewest for the invite. It's always an honor. Details coming soon... Exhibit is in NOV.09.

So Femme-bot and are the focal points right now, but that doesn't mean that Mad Colour or my other projects have waned! I want to do it all!

Nailpolish for now will be a blog to 'spew' controversial questions on society and entertainment until Diamonique and I figure out a format.( talking about celebs, ummmm waste of my brain cells, I'll leave that job to Perez, I need to hone my talents not distract them with 'gossip'.

Blogging..I call it therapy...;) Cheap therapy... ;) we are in a recession.

I actually can not wait to blog about the president and how I feel our country is sending mixed messages around the world. I love thinking ;)

I never know if anyone reads this, or if this is simply just another narcissistic moment trapped in cyberspace. Either way I love it !

until another moment in time...many alonys kisses.