Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Mixed Media Diva Alonys Art to Show New Work at CANceptual [v.3], May 2 - 31, 2009, Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles

CANceptual [v.3]
"Recycle your spray cans...make some art...save the Earth"

For the past 7 years, Crewest has been at the forefront of recognizing graffiti art as a unique and valid art form with aerosol cans as one of it’s primary mediums. In support of the many artists who have chosen to use their talents for something positive, Crewest celebrates their 7th Year Anniversary and brings you the third installment of CANceptual. An art exhibition giving young artists an opportunity to showcase their work alongside known artists. Crewest encourages artists to find those old rusted cans and recycle them by turning them into fine art pieces for sale at the gallery.

Alonys art continues to combine the worlds of music and art in this collection of abstract contemporary art. CANceptual (v3) will give people the opportunity to see artworks from one of her latest collections of artwork, dissecting personal, intimate, and social expectations and tribulations through the eyes of "star on the rise" . With an intrical part of the featured artwork to be centered around a spray can and recycled materials , the CANceptual (v.3) exhibit guarantees Alonys Art will stay true to its core as art for the independent mind.

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