Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It feels like an eternity since I've had the chance to sit down and write on my blog. It can be taken as a good sign that I am extremely busy and doing well. I am thankful for that.

In the past weeks I had the chance to see the amazing SANTANA perform live at the NOKIA THEATRE. One of our amazingly talented friends ANDY VARGAS is the lead singer for the band and blessed us with the amazing opportunity to enjoy a priceless night of music. Thank you again Andy....it was a very memorable moment.

A few weeks later I had an even more surreal experience. We were invited to see NKOTB live at the STAPLES CENTER. Why was this surreal for me? Well flashback to my teenage years and my teenage walls and you'll know why....LMAO. It was a very entertaining concert. And if there is any thought that these guys are too old...you should just shut your mouth. These guys rocked the stage for 2 hours! They did the old the new and everything in between...and they sang their asses off! Honestly, I was happy to see them now, rather than as a pre-pubescent screaming teenager.

Nokia was filled with screaming women with all their old skool buttons, and tee-shirts dusted off and you could never tell this group was absent on the scene for 15 years.

Before the show we went backstage and my teenage dreams and wishes came true....I had the chance to meet Donnie and Jordan and we saw Danny, but he was tied up with fans. 30+ yr. old groupies are fierce...its all the practice...lol. They both were very nice and all I could think as I was standing next to Jordan was if you only knew...lol. And more importantly...Thank God you don't know....lol!

As a teenage girl watching all my friends go to the shows and hearing the stories of how joey was nice, and soo and so did this, I would have never thought in a million years I would know 15 years later....

wow...life is strange.

Aside from the amazing concerts...life is amazing and busy busy busy.

Mad Colour is growing and I am so excited to launch it. This is where the old age saying "Patience is a virtue" comes in. Within my patience period I have begun working with some of the most amazing and talented business women to help me take Mad Colour to the next level! The MAD COLOUR team is a fierce team!!!!!! World look out!

I am very excited about the next few weeks. My husband and I will have finished our very first Master Cleanse. Which by the way has me feeling amazing! I really thought it was going to be torture. No food, no alcohol, no NOTHING, but spicy lemonade, special tea, and sea salt water every day for 5 days!!! I will NEVER make it I thought....but I am on day 2 and I feel great and look forward to proving I have the discipline. With the cleanse we are creating a healthy relationship inside and out. I am so excited. Next we'll celebrate his birthday, which will be an amazing night! I can't wait.

check back for pics from the shows, and more.

Have a good week.

alonys kisses.