Tuesday, April 8, 2008


What a weekend....

we'll call this moment play by play in honor of the Padres and Dodgers games that took San Diego city by storm this past weekend. I haven't been to San Diego in quite a while and so each time I go, I really do feel like a tourist...I actually kind of love that. That means I love my life.

April 4th, 2008
We headed to San Diego to see Meech , Don Won. and El Cajon Tez perform. They were scheduled to open up for Pitbull at House of Blues San Diego.

Before the show we checked into the Courtyard Hotel. It was conveniently right next to the H.O.B. Fingazz couldn't have booked a better hotel..it was perfect.

We had a little time to kill before the show so we walked the downtown city streets and headed two blocks to Horton Plaza. Talk about a flashback!!! My favorite store we ended up was House of Flava. Even though there was a lil' too much Ed Hardy gear for my taste, the vibe, music, and employees were all stylish and helpful. I did eye a few tokidoki items though.

By the time we leave Horton Plaza , I am def. ready for a drink! We head back to the hotel and quickly change. We meet in the lobby, and decide to grab a few drinks at the hotel bar. While enjoying our Sapphire tonics and making conversation the bartender informs us that the hotel use to be a bank in the 1800's and the 14th floor use to be a shooting range! Now thats historical information I like to hear. The architecture was amazing!!!! The elevator doors and walls BEAUTIFUL!

FAST FORWARD....the shows were great. After party...not so much...unless you call Fuddruckers and a new castle an after party! Good night!

April 5, 2008

Good Morning...its time to see the triple 3. Amy, Danielle, and my mom. We start the early morning off with a phone call to my friend Amy who I have not seen in close to 3 years possibly. We use to be inseparable! I was seriously craving a Bloody Mary...Amy agreed sounds great. But first we head to the 4th floor of her loft apartment that she shares with her fiance` Brandon! This place is amazing. I know I could never live there, too much drunken fun....shouting at people on the street and people watching would truly highlight some immature behavior! fck it! =)

Fabulous downtown loft apartment with photography studio...AMAZING!!!! We end up at Rockin' Baja Lobster . The bartender makes me a very very very good bloody mary with grey goose of course...yummy! 2 of those later its time to switch it up to hornitos margaritas, lots of chips and salsa, food and parliament smoke breaks....we are having fun and are FADED! Thank you Carlie! I love being drunk in San Diego with good friends! Todd and Linda met us and so it was for sure a day to remember. Though we wanted to make it last forever it was time for Amy to go to work, and us to make our way to O.B. to meet the beautiful Daisy!
I love you Amy, Brandon, Todd, and Linda!!!! kisses. See you soon....
Check out Mauth studios here : mauthstudios.com

O.B. here we come. First stop...Chris' Liquor! I can't tell you how good the deli smelt in there...yummy!

Dani, Daisy, Amber, Nick....we have finally made it with a 12 pack in hand...Corona anyone? It was so amazing to meet 8 month old Daisy. My very good friend Dani's lil angel. We had a great time laughing, catching up, and taking many many pictures and video. Next time we go to O.B. we def. have to see Miss. O.B's "O.B. Star" in front of Tony's. I can't wait! Love you. Sending many alonys kisses.

Save the best for last....my beautiful mother. It was crazy to think this was the first time we saw our mom this year.....she looks beautiful and I was happy to see her smile. Fortunately I saw a lot of her smile over dinner at On The Border for Patron margaritas and family laughs. We went back to her house for conversation, pictures and video. I got to see my old cat Squint who I miss very much. His color scheme is the exact opposite of my Meowzer....kisses mom and Squint and to the ECV.

Just when you thought it was over....

April 6, 2008

Wake up to our good friend 50 Caliber in the living room! We were suppose to chill when we returned from San Diego, but I was passed out when we arrived home around 2am....my apologies again....

Sooooo its Sunday morning and I appear to be ready for round 3....we'll call this Lab77 moment champagne, coronas, darts, lakers, and owning the night as in the movie "We Own the Night".

I spent the day with Fingazz and my good friends and family, "the veau" , bilal-er, mac-attack ;0) , malik, and 50! We drank some, ate some, smoked some (i love 7 stars)...watched some lakers....I actually took a cat nap during that and the movie akira.... gotta watch that still. But I was awake enough for "We Own the Night", which was a really good movie, but the end was a lil' disappointing. Joaquin was good in it. But he's pretty much always good. I can't really say I've seen him in a bad movie. He is def. one of the great actors of our time. An intelligent actor. He's one of those people you wonder if their presence would be intimidating.

Over all the weekend was packed with a lot of "catching up"and reuniting. It was a good experience. I probably drank way too much...but the damage is done....I was having fun at the time so thats all that matters. It was nice to spend time with Fingazz but we didn't have as much as we had hoped or anticipated. Maybe next time. We leave for Denver in a few weeks to visit our friends Melissa and D....aka Melissa Lujan and "Project D". I think we will have the chance to party at Church and check out a new club they told us about. It should be a lot of fun...so imma' try to lay low until then because I know once the plane lands its on.....

oh wait tomorrow night Meech performs at Crash Mansion in Hollywood...Watch out!

(until another moment)



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