Friday, April 10, 2009

Just a drop...

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I absolutely love this tv on photobucket...It's so 70's chill!!!

It's been a great week. Drinks with Amalia!!!! Shout out to BlueShoesMedia biatches!!!! I had a blast at both Luna Park and the Roosevelt hotel lounge. My bell pepper martini was amazing at Roosevelt!!!! Thank you Matt! Luna Park, nothing beats $5 sangria....well nothing legal that is ;)

Though tonight is a mellow night in Lab77 the weekend promises to be fun and alcohol filled...of course!!!! U92.7 concert in Indio and.....

Fingazz and I are getting tatted for Easter ;) Not very traditional...but fck it!!!

Have a good weekend and if I don't blog before Easter...Happy Easter.

Alonys kisses.

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