Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The dying breed need to fight

There is a dying breed in our present day. It is not the polar bear, or a creature of the wild.

I sadly have to admit that the dying breed is "the talented artist".

Where has talent gone and when did we stop really wanting "real" celebrities and artists to look up to and be inspired by?

I am in no way trying to preach or hate , because I to am very guilty of sitting my ass on my couch and 'indulging' in the reality tv marathons. Watching any given episode up to 10 times or more a season. Or dancing in the club to a song I otherwise think is a waste to buy.

I too have been bit by the real swine flu "reality tv" and soul-less music. It has infected us all.

Each season there is a stronger strain than the last and more people become carriers, and fall victim.

Though the dying breed of true artists is dying in the art of cinema, the breed of dying artists that pains me most is music artists.

I love music, and I also believe everyone should follow their dreams.

But....there has to be a standard of excellence once again to belong to such a 'club'.

Stars are suppose to be hard to reach, not easy to touch or grasp as if you pick them from the ground.

Throughout the week I have scoured the internet with not much effort on my part, considering the insanity literally slaps you in the face upon logging on to see what a portion of the world is being exposed to.

All I can say is WOW! My brain exploded a few times, especially today when I read that Heidi Montag is the 2010 MJ !!! I understand supporting your loved one, but MJ...No comment.
I have to pick my brains up.

It is things like this that constantly remind me how insensitive we have become as a society, and how empty our shells will continue to transform into all for a 'twitter moment' of fame.

Every generation has music that makes you go mmmm, really? But usually there is a balance of true artistic creations influencing the masses to yang it out .

As a being in modern day society it disappoints me greatly that my generation is pre-maturely laying down to rest all the great things that influenced us in the arts. We have succumbed to the hands of technology and let the future of all things creative solely be influenced by empty sounds and soul-less emotions of expression.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to a generation is creative forward thinking infused with influential art, music, fashion, and cinema.

If you love the arts and entertainment as much as I do please make a vow to share all your favorites and influence the world through these things.

Now that's off my chest.... let's see today's generation get 'real' in Cancun.

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