Monday, December 28, 2009

An end to a beginning

It's a beautiful morning. It is probably the most perfect Monday that I have experienced in a long time.
How perfect my cat Meow lays curled up beside me in the most uncomfortable chair in the house. Yet, he manages to make it look like a seat in first class . Cats have a gift for that.
Fingazz lays asleep taking in a few more hours before going into the world on the last Monday of 2009.

I have not written in this blog for some time. It is the personal matters and experiences I have lacked to share. Overcome with constant maintenance on the gallery and gallery spill, I have let work take precedence over my experiences. It happens. ;)

This year has been one with so many twists and turns, and unexpected moments. It truly has been like no other. I understand that is a simple statement made year to year, but in my heart is has been the grandest in depth to me.

The people I have met and the experiences have touched my heart and changed me incredibly. I came to notice this especially this past week. I saw a lot this week.

As the year comes to an end we all collectively await and accept the new year. The new time clock of days to accomplish and live, even though we know it only brings us closer to our own demise.

We go in at midnight with hopes of more and better than the last, but subconsciously knowing that with time comes gain and loss. Change in friends, family, home, health...anything is possible.

Having been in a relationship for the past 10 years I feel in some way as 2010 approaches I have given birth through trials and tribulations and now a beautiful energy has matured and is ready to emerge.

The experience of watching my husband Fingazz grow into an amazing musical genius and build a music production company has been one of the most incredible experiences in my life. Not always easy for anyone, but so worth it.

Having the opportunity to travel the world with him has been priceless. I can only pray to experience many more years of these priceless moments by his side. This industry has allotted me to meet a unique, talented, and eclectic group of people, that ultimately have taken part in helping shape who I am and how I see the world.

There are no resolutions to be made.

There is knowing...

that my passion as an artist and to express myself as such will grow leaps and bounds.

my artwork will desire to blow your aka the worlds mind.

my motivation for getting out of bed is love and to be a 'perfect' partner.

I have a million goals in my head that I know will make me a better, unique, resourceful, intelligent person in society....they can be accomplished, and I have patience to succeed at as many as possible.

Overall, I want to say Thank you to all my friends and family. The people that support my husband, his art and mine as well.

I wish you happiness, success, and that our paths may stay aligned if it is in the stars.

Much love always.

Until another moment in time...alonys.

C'est la vie .....
To the many tears that were shed. To the many laughs until my belly ached. To the many 'what were you fckin' thinking' I want to kill myself moments. To being misunderstood more often than not. To the obscenely drunken' nights. To the paint spilled and the music notes lost....

You will not be forgotten, but Au revoir

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